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ProVITAL d.o.o.
Novine 19
2212 Šentilj v Slovenskih goricah

00386 (0)41 512 488

ProVITAL Ltd. operates under Dr. Tanja Lešnik Štuhec and two young researchers Špela Štuhec, MA and BA, and Vid Štuhec , BA.
The company carries out studies in the fields of hospitality, tourism, marketing activities in rural destinations and protected areas, as well as visitors’ attitudes towards the latter.

As the Pohorje Group leader, Dr. Tanja Lešnik Štuhec participates in the development of Natural Park Pohorje and Pohorje as a green destination. She is the author of Pohorje Visions 2030 (2010) and continues carrying out activities set within the NATREG project (2010).
As member of the commission for granting titles of excellence to small sustainable destinations (2009-2015) within the European EDEN project, she benefits from having an insight into business activities of the most ecological natural destinations in Slovenia and Europe. As a lecturer, Dr. Lešnik Štuhec dedicates a lot of her time to teaching students at the Technical College for Hospitality and Tourism Maribor (subjects: Business Activities in Accommodation and Food Facilities, Business Activities in Hotels and Tourist Agencies, Complimentary Tourism Activities) and the College for Hotel Management and Tourism Bled (Sustainable Tourism, Destination Management). As the author of several training programmes, Dr. Lešnik Štuhec knows and implements appropriate approaches to training and lifelong learning for employees in hotel management, tourism and farming; as well as representatives concerned with the development of rural areas. She holds workshops in Slovenia and abroad – mainly in neighbouring Austria – where participants are shown examples of said good practices.
At ProVITAL d.o.o., within national and international projects, we design and carry out programmes for development and marketing of rural destinations, as well as training of different employee profiles in the hospitality industry, tourism and farming. We are also experts in marketing communication and carry out different activities as such.
Projekt Eden55plusNW
“Developing the network of tourism products for seniors – building a cooperation along the tourism value chain for EDEN destinations in partner countries for more competitive and sustainable growth.”

This project connects four neighboring countries and five pilot EDEN destinations in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and targets seniors 55+ from Italy. The overall goal is on the one hand to enhance a sustainable tourism development and tourism flows and on the other hand to strengthen the whole EDEN network and transnational cooperation. The main focus is to design suitable cross-border tourism products in pilot EDEN destinations for seniors 55+ (women and couples) to increase tourism flows in low/medium seasons in these EDEN areas. Furthermore the focus is also on facilitating the internationalization of tourism businesses – mainly SMEs -, senior organizations and their introduction into the senior tourism market. The thematic focus concentrates on the natural and cultural and intangible heritage and increase the awareness about it in each EDEN destination.
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In 2016 we:

  • are designing strategy documents such as Development and Marketing of Tourism in Konjice/Oplotnica/Vitanje Municipalities 2017-2021 and Marketing of Rogla-Pohorje Destination Tourism 2017-2021,
  • as partners actively collaborate on the cross-border project, part of COSME programme, under the heading “EDEN55plusNW”, and are as carriers designing the Tourism Product Transnational Mobility Model for Seniors in Pilot EDEN Destinations (TPTMMSE),
  • are working on upgrading the document Strategy of Development and Marketing of Bohinj Destination 2012-2016 for the 2017-2021 period,
  • etc.

In 2015 we:

  • continued with activities related to granting rights to trade under Okusi Rogle collective trademark
  • continued with activities related to granting rights to trade under Bohinjsko collective trademark
  • continued with activities related to granting rights to trade under Dobrote Dolenjske collective trademark
  • continued establishing the system for granting rights to trade under Srce Slovenije collective trademark
  • designed the strategy document “Development and Marketing of Šentilj Municipality’s Offer until 2020 with Guidelines until 2030”
  • designed the document “Analysis of Offer and Demand of Sports and Recreational Activities on Pohorje” within the SUPORT project,
  • etc.
Dobrote Dolenjske
Prejemniki certifikata kolektivne tržne znamke Srce Slovenije

In 2014 we:

  • in collaboration with Bohinj delegates, implemented measures outlined in the strategy document on development and marketing of Bohinj destination – the Centre for Quality under the trademark BOHINJSKO and the Centre for Marketing Bohinj with the destination mark Bohinj are being developed,
  • continued working on the collective trademark Okusi Rogle project in collaboration with Okusi Rogle stakeholders
  • in collaboration with Idrija destination stakeholders, designed the tourist offer for target visitor groups and began to draft the Development Strategies and Marketing of Idrija Destination 2015-2020 study,
  • together with Dolenjska stakeholders, established a system for granting rights to trade under Dobrote Dolejske (Doljenska Delights)
  • in collaboration with Srce Slovenije (the Heart of Slovenia) stakeholders, started establishing a system for granting rights to trade under Srce Slovenije collective trademark,
  • etc.

In 2013 we:

  • together with representatives from Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture Maribor and Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture Ptuj, and farming representatives from Podravje, designed the Vision for Farming and Forestry Development and Marketing in Podravje 2014-2020,
  • together with stakeholders from the Rogla-Pohorje destination, designed and implemented the Collective Trademark Okusi Rogle (Rogla Flavours) – established a system for quality assessment and carrying out assessments for awarding rights to trade under the Okusi Rogle trademark,
  • in collaboration with stakeholders from the top of Pohorje, developed action plans for small providers of produce/products/services/tourist products within the ALPA project – Pohorje hilltop lands for grazing and grasslands (20 tourism and tourism-related providers were included in the development of marketing action plans).

In 2012 we:

  • together with stakeholders, designed the study Strategy for Development and Marketing of Bohinj Destination 2012-2016, as well as the Plan for Development of Destination and Collective Mark for Bohinj Destination,
  • led the project for training small tourism providers in Pomurje and Prlekija, as part of the cross-border Five Carriage project (training programme – 8 modules with field workshops, results: 20 marketing action plans by small tourism and tourism-related providers, 4 equestrian multi-day tourism products, operational standards of Five Carriage project providers, etc.).

In 2011 we co-designed:

  • strategy documents for development and marketing of Solčavsko destination (workshops with destination stakeholders)
  • strategy documents for development and marketing of SAŠA destination (ten municipalities from the Savinjsko-Šaleška destination) (workshops with destination stakeholders) and
  • a marketing plan for twenty one municipalities from the Dežela Celjska destination.
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